What does "making it" mean? 

What holds you back? What keeps you going?

This lighthearted yet revealing podcast focuses on these three basic questions. Artists and creative professionals from theater, television, film, and music share stories of success and setback in the arts, opening up about what keeps them going and why they wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.

Hosted by Patrick Oliver Jones

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For the final episode of Season 2, Ben Davis joins me in St. Louis to talk about the life of an actor on the road as well as in New York.

Audition season is winding up here in New York City as we prepare for the summer months. I hope you have some fun plans for the summer. For myself, I will be doing a couple of shows: one in St. Louis the other in Raleigh.

The Tonys have all been handed out and another Broadway Season comes to a close. While the trophies themselves are the main attraction, it was really the speeches and heart of the awards ceremony this year that captivated my attention and truly moved me.

Welcome to WINMI's first international episode! With over thirty-five years on stage, creating roles in musical theatre, farce and dramatic works, Sherryl-Lee Secomb began working as a freelance theatre director, creating large scale musical theatre productions in her home town of Brisbane, Australia.

Today I'm are honored to chat with Josie Whittlesey of Drama Club, which provides theater education and programming to incarcerated and paroled youth in New York City. This vastly underserved population is engaged with improv and positive mentorship, giving them rehabilitation and support.

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