What does it even mean to "make it" and why is it so hard? 

In this lighthearted yet revealing podcast, artists and creative professionals open up and share stories of success and setbacks in the arts, emphasizing what keeps them going and why they wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.

Hosted by Patrick Oliver Jones

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Before launching Microsoft, Bill Gates was a Harvard University dropout and co-owner of a failed business called Traf-O-Data. As Paul Allen relates in a Newsweek piece, "Traf-O-Data was a good idea with a flawed business model. It hadn't occurred to us to do any market research, and we had no idea how hard it would be to get capital commitments...


The latest addition to the podcast is a new series that focuses on those making a difference in the arts and beyond. These bonus episodes will be interspersed between the regular WINMI episodes. Find out more about this series and listen to the latest episode here

Tony Awards episodes give an inside look at some of the best shows on Broadway, featuring cast members and creatives from nominated shows as well as the Managing News Editor at PLAYBILL. They take us behind the scenes and share stories of what it takes to make it on Broadway. 





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