Patrick grew up the only child of a single mother, only to discover in his 20s that he actually had a half-sister. These twists of fate have continued to follow him as he's moved from Disney World in Orlando to Jubilee! in Las Vegas, from cruise ships to national tours ... and biggest of all, getting married in September 2018! Now he lives in Manhattan, doing commercials and performing in staged readings here and there, but Patrick tends to leave the city more often than not for work in regional theaters across the country. So until he can put those suitcases away for good and enjoy that long-awaited Broadway contract, he's got this podcast to help him dream big while living small.  

DEWEY CADDELL, Co-Host (Season 1)

One of eight children from the middle of nowhere in Missouri, Dewey found a wooden plate at 3 years old with a relief of the Manhattan skyline carved into it and pointed at the Empire State Building to select his future apartment. While he eventually did make it to New York City, that apartment in the sky still eludes him. Instead Dewey has carved out a living in Queens as a singer, actor, dancer, writer, scholar, chef and very minor-league softball player -- the most rare octuple threat. So even though he stays busy and can't be a part of every show, Dewey brought his own brand of magic and softballing skill to the podcast.