Examine Your Career in 6-Month Increments


Counting down eight personal and professional tips from Liz Gumbinner.

For me, one of the hardest things for me to do is to let something or someone go, especially if it's not going well or needs work. Some are projects that I start but never quite get off the ground, while others are relationships that never seem to quite get on the same page. Sometimes hard work is a needed and necessary part of the process. However, by giving a timeline for marking and examining progress, then the decision to trudge forward or say goodbye can be made a lot easier.

I'll be honest this is THE one bit of advice I have not applied to my own life. I am a veritable pack-rat of clothes and mementos and, yes, even people. Long after their value and contribution, they sit there unused or unloved. With coming New Year, what a perfect time to take stock of my life, both professionally and personally. See what is working and build on it as well as discover what isn't working and finally let it go.

Kill what you can't save
what you can't eat throw out
what you can't throw out bury

What you can't bury give away
what you can't give away you must carry with you,
it is always heavier than you thought.

― Margaret Atwood, You are Happy