Get Out Once and Awhile


Counting down eight personal and professional tips from Liz Gumbinner.

When the project is complex or the deadline is looming, it's so easy to stay in my own little bubble of work. I even forget to eat sometimes. Hours will go by and I'll suddenly feel a rumble in my stomach and realize I didn't have any lunch. My focus gets so consumed by what's in front of me that I lose sight of the rest of the world going on around me.

Being productive is a great feeling and important for any successful business venture, but we gotta remember that it is only one facet of our lives. We are so much more than the work we do. Our passions and hobbies and relationships make up a much bigger chunk of who we really are...or at least they should. Plus, a break from the tasks at hand will only refresh us and renew our energies to tackle the work once again. 

In fact, I've been working on this website for about 3 hours now. So I need to take my own advice (or rather Liz's) and close this laptop for awhile and do something else. 

Or in this case...All podcast and no play, makes Patrick a lame boy.