Counting down eight personal and professional tips from Liz Gumbinner.

We all know how demoralizing that cold "thank you" can be from the person behind the table or how annoying that actor is who won't stop talking about that director who hates them. Well, it's important to remember it works the other way too. We all remember that person who always has a cheerful expression and joy throughout the day.

A smile is so simple, yet can make a world of difference, not only in our own activities but in those who come in contact with us as well. Find a hobby or project or even a person that you enjoy and smiling comes easy. But even if the show gets tough or rehearsals aren't going quite as planned, keep that glass-half-full grin going. Because I can sure tell you in my experience that giving into frustration or annoyance never helped me finish the task at hand.

Tough times are gonna come and we will all need that chance to vent and let off some steam, but don't forget to push through it and back to a happy place again. So crank up the music, call a friend, take a break...anything to get the attitude back on track and focused on how good life is and can be.