Here's Some Advice Worth Taking


As we start 2019, I wanted to share motivations from Liz Gumbinner, a writer and blogger who used to be in advertising. In her series Advice Worth Taking, Liz talks about success, both professional and personal. And so I'm using this as the perfect springboard to delve into the ways we can create and maintain success in our own artistic lives. Her ideas are succinct and easy to understand and manage. 

For the next eight weeks, I'll be sharing these tidbits of wisdom. And adding my own two cents as well. If you're anything like me, I hear and read great advice all the time, but applying it is the tough part. Actually embedding that discipline into my life is where I come up short. I need constant prodding. I have to be reminded of the basic principles for a successful and fruitful life. So let's dig into her ideas and make them more than just platitudes and suggestions.

Dive into the first one here.

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