Ep 23: Cupcakes & Kudisch


The first episode of the year has me chatting about my failed attempt to make Red Velvet Cupcakes...and I mean utter failure. I hurried through the prep and ended up with inedible red mushy hockey pucks. Similarly I don't prepare as I should for auditions sometimes and end up with the same mushy result in the room.

However, someone who's never mushy is Marc Kudisch. I happened to meet him at the recent Only Make Believe Gala after-party, and he graciously talked with me for about 20 minutes. From the business itself to Broadway and keeping it all in perspective, it was an informative and surprisingly honest chat about making it in theater and showed how my perspective was off. In sharing his words with you, I hope you glean some inspiration as well.

Kudisch talks about the changing landscape of theater in a BroadwayWorld interview.

I also found this video featuring Kudsich and Seth Rudetsky. A discussion on high notes and the diminishing roles for baritones. Wouldn't it be great to have Marc Kudisch on the podcast to talk about all this and more? That will have to remain on the bucket list for now, but in the meantime...