ONLY MAKE BELIEVE: Dena Hammerstein


Only Make Believe brings interactive theater to children in hospitals and care facilities, those with illnesses and disabilities and special needs. They entertain the kids with specially created plays designed for their needs and to encourage their participation. 

Starting in one hospital in 1999, OMB has now grown (thanks to private and corporate support and donations) to more than 50 hospitals in New York City and Washington D.C.

This episode is Part One of a two-part look at this wonderful organization and is also the first installment of the Spotlight Series. Host and Producer Patrick Oliver Jones talks with the founder of OMB. Dena Hammerstein shares her life story in entertainment as an actress, writer, and now Broadway producer. We also discuss the founding of Only Make Believe and how it has shaped her work and her life ever since.

Find out more and see how you can help OMB make a difference in children's lives:

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