Ep. 41: Ethan Paisley


Audition season is winding up here in New York City as we prepare for the summer months. I hope you have some fun plans for the summer. For myself, I will be doing a couple of shows: one in St. Louis the other in Raleigh. 

My special guest today is also keeping himself busy. Ethan Paisley is a writer, producer, and director, with a TV series this summer on DVD Netflix called Set Life. Other projects include Point 453 which is on Amazon, two films that have screened at the Cannes Film Festival...and when it comes to awards Ethan is no stranger. He won Best Overall Film at the San Mauro Torinese Film Festival, Best Young Filmmaker at the Los Angeles Film Awards, and Best Young Director at the Young Entertainer Awards. 

Just how young is he? He's accomplished all this by the ripe old age of 18. 

So when I ask myself why I'll never make it, it's guys like this that have the drive and ambition to keep them going. He and I discuss his rapid rise to success and the setbacks he's faced in getting there. He has definite points of view on filmmaking and auditions and directing. It's a fascinating interview with a talented young and upcoming artist.

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