Ep 17: John McGinty


John McGinty lost his hearing at a young age and for years headed toward a career in Finance. But theater kept calling him, and he finally answered by moving to New York to see if he could make it. On this episode he shares the twists and turns of that journey and what keeps him motivated and focused. 

John also opens up about lessons he learned, and that we all can learn, from his Broadway debut in the revival of CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD, which The Hollywood Reporter called "forceful and spontaneous."

Follow John on Twitter and learn more about his career on his website.

In the episode we talked about his performance in Hunchback of Notre Dame and in a short film Sign, directed by Andrew Keenan Bolger, as well as mentioned clips from his acting reel...

You can also watch this interview, our very first video podcast, on YouTube.

ASL Interpreter - Craig Fogel