Ep 33: Kelly Gabel


At the ripe old age of 4, Kelly stepped on stage for the first time during a Kindergarten musical. From that moment on, she was hooked. Most of us have a story similar to that, right? She performed throughout my childhood but focused on choir and singing during high school and college.

In her 20's, she started auditioning for local community theater productions. Up to that point, she had never been to a professional or semi-professional audition and had no clue what to expect. So she learned by doing and was soon performing regularly at a local theater. But she struggled to move beyond chorus, or small featured roles. Now in her 30's and after taking several years off from auditioning and performing, she focuses on family and her vocal students. 

So listen in as Kelly and I talk about her transition to coaching and mentoring, all the lessons she has learned along the way. She gives me a bit of therapy as well, asking questions and giving insights into my own thinking when it comes to auditions and making decisions for my career. 

She also writes a blog, which is how I first found Kelly. Her honesty and openness about the rejection that comes with auditioning and performing was both eye-opening and refreshing...

We all know that we aren't supposed to take rejections personally...but seriously?! How can we NOT? It stings when someone doesn't see our talent, or sees our talent but just doesn't want us. We have poured our heart and soul into that performance and their response is simply, "thanks but no thanks" or "we'll call you". ⁣

So what do we do with that rejection?

Kelly is also starting a brand new Masterclass series, featuring many artists and professionals, including myself and former guest, Maggie Bera.

To learn more about her Journey to Broadway Masterclass and the other coachings and consultations she provides, visit her website.

You can also follow her on Instagram & Facebook


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