Ep 27: Ryan K. Bailer


The man who has been in more EVITA productions than Mandy Patinkin joins the podcast to talk about his coming and going from show business and the  finding balance between "making it" and making a living. 

As founder and owner of Ryan Bailer Support, he's created a thriving company that he enjoys and supports him and his family. But he still dreams of being on the stage and knows that he's not quite complete if he's not pursuing his acting career as well.

He recounts the hilarious story of his first audition in 10 years for the EVITA National Tour, which he booked. The random phone call, the summer heat, the 24 hours he had to learn 4 songs, and the impromptu headshot he used for that audition. 

EVITA (ACT in Connecticut)
EVITA (ACT in Connecticut)

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At the end of the interview Ryan gives us some tech tips and strategies for our own use of computers and mobile devices. Click below to have Ryan and his team help you with any of your own tech needs...