Ep 24: Tovi Wayne


NEWSIES at Maltz Jupiter Theatre
NEWSIES at Maltz Jupiter Theatre

Tovi Wayne opens up about starting dance late in his performing career and how that both put him behind others but also motivated him to get better and push himself to learn as much as he could. He came to NYC with the dream of being in NEWSIES and through a lot of hard work he finally did a regional production of the show down in Florida. But he certainly has a long career ahead and more shows he wants to do!

So join the conversation as we dig a little deeper into what it takes to make it in this business and why we keep going.


With this episode, I'm introducing a new format and an additional question that will now divide interviews into three segments:

  • What does "making it" mean to you?
  • What will you never make it? What holds you back?
  • Why are you still here? What keeps you going?